You have 8.6 years left – Politics of Fools

QUESTION: Dear Martin,
DeSantis announced his Republican nomination. You mentioned several times that it would be eaten by professional politicians in Washington. What if he becomes Trump’s running mate? Will it be a good course?
Best regards, Martin

REPLY: That would be the only way to see DeSantis have any real impact. As I said, last year I was asked if I would talk Trump out of running and join DeSantis’ advisory team. I refused. I replied that everything had changed and that he would just be eaten for lunch, like Trump when he first entered Washington.

Washington has refused so badly that the fools on the hill now think that if they go Republican, things will get better. The Biden administration has done so much political damage, as well as division among the people, that the US must fall. It cannot stand as one nation with such a division. And it’s not even about Biden, who is the real symbol of the Fool on the hill. He is just a puppet, like the last emperors of Rome.

I don’t care that the propaganda claims that the 2020 elections were not rigged. Of course, it was, but not Democrats. They are also naive. The Deep State is in complete control. The CIA convinced Trump to delay the release of the JFK files until after the election. They played Trump like a violin. When Biden entered, he granted them an indefinite stay to cover up their involvement. The FBI sought to prevent a Trump victory. Anyone who thinks that the CIA, NSA or FBI cannot influence the results of the vote is an even bigger fool. They need to take a gun and go fight for Zelensky.

WHERE of this, from war to climate change, would be the case under Trump. I said I went to dinner at Mara Largo in March 2020 and that’s when Trump really impressed me. He said he would withdraw troops from Afghanistan because he was tired of writing letters to his parents explaining that their son had died for God and his country. He said that they had been fighting for borders for 1000 years. What difference does it make what we’re going to do?

You may remember in January 2019 Iran shot down american drone. There is no doubt that John Bolton, then Trump’s national security adviser, provoked tensions between Iran and the United States. He wanted another war. Frankly, Bolton invaded Canada to hunt down the Russian. Trump fired neocons, and rightly so. Eat NEVER they will allow free elections in 2024 and kill Trump as a last resort because he now understands the real game in Washington. Now they are free to kill him as they move to digital currency and they don’t have to look at his face on a coin or dollar bill.

Trump is clearly the better choice because now he knows the real game in Washington. They’ll eat DeSantis for lunch and spit it out. The Deep State is in complete control. And for those who hate Trump, don’t be fooled. I’m sorry, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Party politics DEAD! This is the decline and fall of the United States and Western civilization. You have 8.6 years left. In Washington, this has become the policy of fools. The more they lose control, the more totalitarian they become.

World Health Organization (WHO) may make recommendations after a global emergency has been declared. It does not have ultimate control over the decisions of any country. However, as we saw with COVID, countries bow to the WHO, including the Biden administration. Fanatics on the left like to shout loudly that conservatives are falsely claiming that the Biden administration’s proposed amendments to existing global health rules and the new WHO pandemic treaty threaten US sovereignty. In fact they are right, but not that the WHO will have absolute control. It would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But the Biden administration wants to achievevoluntary“compliance with and waiver of our policies to comply with WHO policies.

Trump was right – NATO and WHO should be deprived of funding. Both are power-hungry organizations that pursue only their own interests. When communism fell, NATO was no longer needed. The days of Khrushchev are over. Putin, Yeltsin and Gorbachev were never interested in invading Europe to spread communism. That boast is long dead.

American NEOKONS have taken the opposite view that they will conquer the world and spread their version of “democracy” which is actually their feigned version of free government since they are never elected. NATO had no purpose, but the idea that Russia wanted to conquer the world persisted. They have always been for war, but never for peace.

From the very beginning of the UN, they also dreamed of becoming a one world government. It remains on the agenda and they too promote war in the hope of rising in their glory, becoming a great peacemaker and strengthening their power. That’s why there is power in the WHO and it’s all promoted by the World Economic Forum, which is the Marxist brainchild of Schwab.

The UN has been against personal freedom from the very beginning. They have always advocated total control, which is what is happening now.

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