World Cup 2022 results, online results, schedule: Germany protests, Denmark threaten to withdraw from FIFA, Harry Kane injury

Morocco 0-0 Croatia

Japan 2-1 Germany

Spain 7:0 Costa Rica

Belgium 1-0 Canada

Germany made a powerful statement about being gagged before the opening of the World Cup, and outspoken Socceroo Jackson Irwin expressed sympathy for the seven European countries embroiled in controversy.

But Jackson says that from his discussions, the LBGTQI+ community thinks the One Love headband lacks “a real statement of what it’s trying to achieve.”

During the first two weeks in Doha, Australia doggedly answered questions about their own video message, released last month, which highlighted Qatar’s dubious human rights record, insisting it only focused on football.

On Wednesday, after Australia’s 4-1 defeat to France in the first leg, Irwin ripped off the band-aid as controversy over FIFA’s hasty decision to ban players from wearing the all-inclusive rainbow headband overshadowed the World Cup.

The move sparked outrage from some World Cup nations, including Group D rivals Denmark, which on Wednesday threatened to withdraw from FIFA.

As Irwin spoke, Germany took to the field before the match against Japan – captain Manuel Neuer wore a FIFA-sanctioned “no discrimination” headband, but only after the Germans had posed for their team before the game, covering their mouths as if they had been muzzled. .

“Human rights are non-negotiable,” the German federation said in a statement.

“This should be taken for granted, but it is still not the case. That’s why this message is so important to us.

“To deny us a bandage is the same as denying us the right to vote. We stand our ground.”

Irvin confirmed that he was proud of the position of the Socceroos and expressed his disappointment at the confusion surrounding the reports from the game’s governing body, which angered the rival nations.

“I cannot speak for other countries and the decisions they make,” Irwin said.

“They believe this is the right way to protest against any social injustice they feel is being committed.

“The One Love headband itself is an interesting discussion because in conversations I have had with people in the LGBTQI+ community, the message has already been described as vague and lacking a real statement of what it is trying to achieve.

“It’s hard to analyze, it’s obviously changing every day. Change through regulation and then change through decisions that teams and players have made.

“It’s hard to react when things change so quickly for these players and these teams.

“But when all is said and done, it’s time to really analyze how these messages were sent and how they chose to do it.”

Australia has become the first World Cup nation to make a public statement about Qatar’s human rights record, their attitudes towards same-sex relationships and the treatment of migrant workers.

“All I can do is speak from our point of view and obviously say how proud I am of our team and the clear position we have taken before this tournament,” added Irwin.

“There was no way this change would be thrown at us at a late stage. From our point of view, that is why we decided to do it, as well as the time in which we did it.”

Irvine has been criticized due to Australia’s own reputation for human rights and the treatment of its Indigenous peoples, an issue raised by rival AFC nations in response to the players’ statement.

“I hope this is something we as a team continue to talk about. In the past, I’ve commented on the problems we have at home, as well as the problems we’ve talked about here.”

“We, as players and participating in this tournament, are now so inextricably linked with these issues, so we felt that it was (important).

“People talk about the hypocrisy of these problems, but don’t talk about the ones that happen at home.

“I hope this is something we will continue to explore in the future as part of our growth as a team and as individuals. This is something to pay attention to in the future.”

Germany lost 2-1 to Japan in one of the first results that rocked the World Cup.



Switzerland captain Granit Xhaka said on Wednesday his team is not obligated to copy Germany’s silent protest against FIFA’s stance on rainbow armbands.

Germany lined up for a photo of their team ahead of a shocking 2-1 defeat to Japan, making the gesture after they abandoned plans to wear captain Manuel Neuer’s ‘OneLove’ armband following threats of on-pitch disciplinary action by FIFA.

“I don’t think we need to do anything as a Swiss team. We have to respect the rules and focus on our football, that’s all I intend to do,” captain Xhaka told reporters ahead of Group G’s first match against Cameroon on Thursday.

“We are here to play football, not to give lessons to anyone.” A spokesman for the Swiss Football Federation has previously stated that Xhaka “would like” to wear an armband, but would instead wear a FIFA-provided armband with an anti-racist message.

The Swiss were one of seven European teams whose captains were required to wear a pro-LGBTQ armband at a tournament in Qatar, where homosexuality is prohibited.

The German Football Association (DFB) said on Tuesday it was looking into the legitimacy of FIFA’s threats after some teams were criticized at home for failing to take a tougher stance against that of world football’s governing body.

Dutch midfielder Davy Claassen, whose country was one of the seven to retreat, later praised the Germans for their protest.

“Good variation on the armband. It was a good way to do it,” he told reporters.

Klaassen’s team will face Ecuador in the second Group A match on Thursday.


Frightened. Defeat. Embarrassing The German media have ripped to shreds from their World Cup failures after their campaign kicked off with a shocking defeat to Japan.

The German team is also accused of “making a fool of themselves”.


Germany faces the difficult task of qualifying from their group after a defeat, while Spain and Japan are level on three points after the first set of matches.


Kostas Lianos, The Sun

A spokesman for Portugal refused to allow Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes to answer questions about Cristiano Ronaldo in English and turned off the FIFA translator.

The shocking incident occurred during the pre-match press conference ahead of Portugal’s first World Cup match against Ghana.

The floor was given to a British journalist, who immediately apologized for asking in English.

But the Portuguese press officer immediately shook his head and said that Fernandes would not answer in English.

The reporter nevertheless went on to ask the playmaker if he was worried about the state he would find United in when he returned after Ronaldo left and the club was put up for sale.

The 28-year-old responded in Portuguese, but the FIFA translator suddenly cut off.

Portugal’s preparations for the World Cup were influenced by Ronaldo’s quarrel with the Red Devils after his high-profile interview with SunSport columnist Piers Morgan.

The five-time winner of the Golden Ball tore the club to shreds during an outright sit-in.

Portuguese manager Fernando Santos and several of his players were asked about their captain’s controversial statements.

Fernandez had previously snapped at an interviewer when asked about his star teammate.


Denmark has cleared up reports that it may withdraw from FIFA.

It was previously reported that Denmark was planning talks with other UEFA members about a possible exit from FIFA.

They were one of seven nations, including England and Wales, who planned to wear the One Love armbands before pulling back due to the threat of yellow cards.

But on Thursday morning it emerged that Denmark was unhappy with FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

“Some media have misunderstood that the DBU will withdraw from FIFA,” Jakob Hoyer, head of DBU communications, told Reuters in a WhatsApp message.

“This was not discussed at the press conference. We are critical and dissatisfied and we will not vote for the current FIFA president (Gianni Infantino). We will discuss the way forward with our Scandinavian and European counterparts.”

Danish Football Association (DBU) chairman Jesper Moller is reported to have said that Denmark is considering withdrawing from FIFA and is open to talks with the 55 UEFA member countries, including England.

The DBU delegation expressed their “anger” at how FIFA threatened sporting sanctions to seven captains planning to wear the One Love armband.

Denmark will not officially support FIFA chief Gianni Infantino in his bid for re-election as president.

Moller said: “There is a presidential election at FIFA. FIFA is made up of 211 countries and I understand that the current president has statements of support from 207 countries.

“Denmark is not among those countries. And neither are we going to.”

Leaving FIFA, he said: “This decision is not made now. We have known this for a long time. We have been discussing this in the Scandinavian region since August.

“I thought about it again. I guess there could be problems if Denmark leaves on its own. But let’s see if we can’t have a dialogue about things.

“I have to think about how to restore confidence in FIFA. We have to assess what has happened and then we have to develop a strategy – including with our Scandinavian colleagues.”

Along with Denmark, England and Wales, Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland planned to have their captains wear One Love armbands in Qatar.

Headbands promote inclusiveness and LGBTQ+ rights, and same-sex relationships are illegal in Qatar.

But FIFA has warned the seven skippers that they face a yellow card as a “minimum” penalty for wearing armbands.

DBU CEO Jacob Jensen said: “On November 21, England requested an emergency meeting with FIFA, who came to an English hotel. FIFA said they would at least give a yellow card.

“There was a discussion about whether there is a legal basis for issuing a yellow card, but it is.

“The punishment could be a yellow card, the lack of a captain on the field, or a ban.”


Goal-scoring machine Harry Kane scared England with a serious injury after he was sent for an ankle scan.

The captain of the Three Lions was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday evening for a checkup after the British defeated Iran 6-2 on Monday.

Kane is now in big doubt on Friday Second group stage match against USA.

The Spurs forward was still uncomfortable on Tuesday and boss Gareth Southgate insisted on testing in Doha.

England still hope it’s not too serious as he took part in a private workout.

But losing Kane on Friday would be a huge blow to England despite their encouraging start.

Kane has previously had ankle problems but hasn’t had any problems in the last two years.

No one from England’s starting line-up has been training in the warm-up but Southgate on Monday night said he was not worried.

He said, “I think Harry is fine. It looked like a bad tackle, but he kept playing.

“We really filmed it because we felt that the moment had come when we could do it.

“It was good to be able to upgrade the forward line not only to get players out, but also to get players out because there were some very close decisions about who starts in those positions.

“We have incredible talent and we had players who, if we needed to change the game, could do it.”

If England wants to do well in the World Cup, they need a fit Kane.

Their next practice will take place behind closed doors on Wednesday morning.

Kane assisted two of England’s six goals in their amazing World Cup.

He is just three goals away from overtaking Wayne Rooney and becoming England’s top scorer.

Kane has already scored 51 goals in 76 matches for his country.