Wind farm project to ‘destroy prime agricultural land’

Oberon Against Wind Towers president Robert Snoch has criticised the government’s plans to build close to 400 to 600 wind turbines in Oberon.

The proposed wind turbines are set to be put on top of ridgelines as the 40-metre-tall pine trees in the area would be dwarfed by the 285-metre-tall wind turbines, which are nearly as tall as Centre Point Tower in Sydney.

“It’s just been railroaded through, there’s no thought given to it,” Mr Snoch said.

“Look we have more unproductive land in this country than productive land if there are communities that would like to take a renewable energy project because they can’t graze animals on it, or because they can’t crop it or harvest it that land may be suitable for renewable energy let them have it let them make a buck or two out of it.

“But please don’t destroy prime agricultural land which Oberon has.”