Wimbledon teams up with IBM to introduce generative AI video commentary and highlight clips

Prestigious Wimbledon tournament is going to submit comments based on artificial intelligence in July.

All England club connects with tech giant IBM Watsonx AI platform to create audio commentaries and subtitles for your video packages. Watsonx is the company’s enterprise AI and data platform. According to IBM, the platform was taught the “unique language of tennis”.

The All England Club’s relationship with AI is not entirely new, as the club is currently using IBM technology to create its Player Strength Index. The index is one of the tools used to analyze the behavior of a tennis player on the court.


General view of the Wimbledon championship

A general view of the Wimbledon Championship logo on the grounds during the first day of the Championship – Wimbledon 2021 at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 28, 2021 in London. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

tennis lovers will have access to innovative video packages when they log into the Wimbledon app or the official tournament website.

During tournament periods when a real person is not available for commentary, AI-based technology is expected to step in and create subtitles for some videos.


“I believe that artificial intelligence complements the human element, not replaces it,” said Kevin Farrar of IBM. “You can’t replace John McEnroe with a commentator. This human factor should always be there. It’s very complementary and complementary.”

Game On technology CEO Alex Beckman, an expert in artificial intelligence, said the method by which Wimbledon plans to introduce technology into this year’s tournament has a proven track record of boosting engagement.

Commentary by John McEnroe during Wimbledon

John McEnroe comments on the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 1, 2021 in London. (Photo by Karwai Tanga/WireImage)

“Using AI to show highlights to fans…we have a lot of experience and evidence that serving the end user using AI to show highlights really increases engagement fantastically.” Beckman told Fox News Digital.

“We (GameOn Technology) are seeing a 400 percent increase in engagement with our NBA videos and highlights from people watching the NBA playoffs at home through chat and using personalization. Ticket click through rate is 27% when you combine AI and highlights. In a format like social media (media), you can see higher engagement rates and happier fans having a better experience.”

AI-assisted analysis will also be used to “detect anomalies” and predict “potential surprises” as it determines the likelihood of a particular player making it to the final of a singles tournament.

“This new insight will help tennis fans identify anomalies and potential surprises in singles draws that would not be apparent when looking at player rankings alone,” IBM said in a statement.

The IBM platform will also collect data that will be fed into the chatbot system. The chatbot will then create a tennis-style comment.

Last month, French Open used artificial intelligence to create the best experience for athletes and fans.

“We see what happened at the French Open and what IBM is doing at Wimbledon was really a great use of AI to make the fan experience richer,” said Beckman.

Wimbledon logo in 2007

The “Champions” logo on Center Court during the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship preview at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 21, 2007 in London. (Ryan Pierce/Getty Images)

IBM said the move is a possible step towards creating AI commentary for full matches in the future.

“For Wimbledon, it’s about commentating on matches in the future that people don’t currently comment on,” Farrar said. “It’s not based on a specific person or a person and their style. In the future, you can train him in certain styles, languages, voices. So this is a step in this journey.”


Beckman also said that GameOn Technology is always thinking about the future. Previously, the company created a chatbot called “Trash Talk with Gary Payton” that allowed hundreds of thousands of people to simultaneously chat with NBA legend

“Thinking about the future of broadcasting and allowing people who love sports to be the hosts for this sport, using their likeness and using AI to create a better version of this in the future,” Beckman said.