Will it all blow up by the Ides of May 2025?

I know that some people send e-mails claiming that I am some kind of Putin supporter. Most of my sources are from Ukraine. Eat NO government on this earth, which ALWAYS has 100% approval from its people. Eat ALWAYS two sides, just like we have in the polarization of the United States. Many were forced to flee Ukraine. Zelenskiy forced young people to fight on the front lines, and they are inexperienced and dying by the thousands. Zelensky is destroying a generation, not just abiding by the Minsk agreements, because the Donbass are Russians, which they will NEVER accept anyway. It’s just a land grab and he destroys his country for neocons and flies off to his estate in Miami to live as king forever.

I consider Zelensky pure evil. He promised peace and is killing a generation for his greatest European investment of all time in rebuilding Ukraine with Blackrock, another private evil empire. His constant propaganda that Putin is evil will backfire. Russian presidential elections are to be held in Russia in March 2024. The first round will take place on Sunday, March 17th. If none of the candidates receives more than half of the votes, then the second round will take place exactly three weeks later, on April 7, 2024. The inauguration of the winner of the election is scheduled for May 7, 2024. When we look at a computer, it has a change of direction in 2024 and a panic cycle in 2025.


Absolutely NOTHING that appear as news from Ukraine, NATO or any mainstream media. ALWAYS will be true. NATO is indeed a terrorist organization. They exist only for war, not for peace. Ask people who live in the former Yugoslavia how they bombed civilians and the media covered it too. They built everything around Putin being evil, and Zelensky refused to let even the Pope mediate peace, saying you can’t negotiate with Putin. In truth, this Zelensky is Judas, who sold his people for a handful of silver.

I’m afraid Putin will step down and then we’ll see the hardliners come to power. I don’t see Putin there after 2024. Hardliners believe Putin was too “soft” and if he had just invaded Ukraine instead of defending only Donbass, this war would have ended in 6 weeks using the same tactics the US used in Iraq – shock and awe.

It does NO look to the future and those damn neocons never think about what if they’re wrong! They are fooling themselves into thinking that Russia is weak and they can destroy it once and for all, divide it into their EuroAsia, and then turn against China. If the hardliners come, they will do whatever is necessary to protect Russia from our crazy neocons like Lindsey Graham, Victoria Nuland, John Bolton, etc. etc. The United States will lose this war just as they lost in Vietnam. People like Graham don’t care about dead civilians, who are always outnumbered by soldiers. He likes to wash his hands in Russian blood.


It was Ukraine that waged war on the Donbass, calling them terrorists, because they sought independence from Kyiv, which itself sought independence from Russia. It was a pot calling the kettle black, as they say.


It was John McCain who preached war and revolution on the Maidan. What if Putin came to the US and delivered a speech on January 6 calling for Biden’s ouster? I seriously doubt that the American press would have reacted favorably to this. But our neoconservatives don’t care. All they want is endless wars.


Zelensky did exactly the opposite of what he promised. People wanted peace, not the destruction of their country. Zelensky is lining his pockets, and as I warned from the beginning, this will be the man put in his place by the neocons to start World War III. Our lives mean nothing to neoconservatives. These are absolutely evil people who rejoice in the death of others. Communism has fallen. People like Lindsey Graham and John McCain could never get rid of their hatred of the Russians and the Chinese. They should NEVER be allowed anywhere close to the government. Russia will defend itself, and Putin was moderate. What happens after the next Russian elections will not be moderate. Their neocons say: See, I told you. America is evil! Thank you Lindsey Graham – there are people who condemn all Americans because of you.


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