What will happen to the Chargers in the second half? Guilt points to…

Charging device sitting at .500 – 5-5 – but their season to date is hardly evenly split.

On the contrary, in fact.

This group was tough in the first half, with more focus on the second quarter. For a team that lacked consistency in 2022, the numbers on the scoreboard tell a harsh story.

The Chargers scored 119 points in the second quarter and 108 points in the remainder of the season.

The uneven result became more of an issue as they lost three of their four games and fell out of playoff position.

When the Chargers hit Joshua Palmer’s six-yard catch with 1:46 left in the fourth quarter on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefsit ended on the 14th streak of second-half possessions that did not reach the end zone.

“It’s not just about your violation,” said trainer Brandon Staley. This also applies to your protection. It’s about how your defense and the performance of your special teams create position on the pitch…

“In addition to your performance in attack, there are many factors. I think that’s where I’m focused…our team comes together and plays this complementary football so that it happens for all of us at every stage, not just one.”

Whatever the explanation, the results are undeniable. Over the past three games, here are the results of the Chargers’ 16 possessions since the break: seven punts, three interceptions, two fumbles, two field goals, one down and one touchdown.

They led after two quarters in all three games and then succumbed in the second half 36-13.

Staley pointed to the lack of big games, which makes it hard for his team to score.

On Sunday against Kansas City, eight of the Chargers’ longest ten wins came in the first half. In the previous game in San Francisco, the Chargers’ longest post-break game was just 12 yards.

“You have to have explosions,” Staley said. “To manage the ball in 10, 12, 15 matches in this league is very difficult. You must have explosive games and stay away from negative games.

“I think that in the second half our game should be better. It’s not any facet of a running or passing game or type of game. You should get explosions whether you get them, run or walk.”

Staley dismissed the idea that the Chargers were losing the battle of adjustments, saying the focus now is “only us, taking care of our team, and making sure we heal everyone so we can get down to business.”

Center Cory Linsley acknowledged that the Chiefs showed some performance after the break that the Chargers weren’t expecting. But he said the adjustments were made and paid off in the fourth quarter after the Chargers limited eight offensive snaps in the third quarter.

“It’s not the fault of any one person,” Linsley said. “We have to do better work on the fly. We have adjusted and things have gotten better. That’s the positive you have to take from it.”

Only twice out of 10 games — victories over Cleveland and Denver — did the Chargers win the second half. And they beat the Broncos 9-3 after halftime without scoring a touchdown.

In terms of their scoring total, the Chargers did not score any touchdowns on defense or special teams. Last season, they responded with a kick-off and fumbled for points.


wide receiver Mike Williams (ankle) did not train on Wednesday. After missing two games, he returned on Sunday but was re-injured in the Chargers’ second series and did not return. … Running back Joshua Kelly (knee) has returned to training and is eligible to be taken off the injured reserve starting this week. … Cornerback Bryce Callahan (groin) didn’t practice either. Tight end Gerald Everett (groin) and player J.C. Scott (quadriceps) were limited.