Wearable Health-Management Sunglasses : isportwear

The iSportWear is a smart wearable device that can monitor the user’s vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and body temperature, during physical activities. It can also provide real-time feedback and suggestions to improve the user’s performance and health. The iSportWear consists of smart sunglasses, a smart watch, and a mobile app. The company also offers a smart shirt titled ‘iMetaWear,’ which is made of conductive fibers that can sense the user’s biometric data and transmit it to the smart watch via Bluetooth. The smart watch can display the data and provide voice guidance. The mobile app can store and analyze the data and generate personalized reports and recommendations.

The iSportWear has significant business implications for the smart wearable industry. It is a novel product ecosystem that combines the functions of a fitness tracker, a health monitor, and a personal coach. It can appeal to a wide range of customers who are interested in improving their physical and mental well-being. The iSportWear can also create new opportunities for collaboration and innovation among different sectors, such as textile, electronics, software, and healthcare. The iSportWear can potentially revolutionize the smart wearable market and create a competitive edge for ITRI and its partners.

Image Credit: ITRI