We Have The Stupidest People In Government In History



The Biden Administration’s stupidity mandating that those in the military submit to this worthless experiment MRNA vaccine or be dishonorably discharged has resulted in not just a shortage of pilots. Still, there has been a dramatic increase in heart problems among those who surrendered their human rights and took the vaccine. Heart problems have skyrocketed, and to add to this insanity, now this braindead government is offering up to $600,000 in bonuses to keep pilots. You can’t make up this stuff.  My own lawyer, who took the shot so he could travel, ended up with the blood clots and now cannot fly. Pfizer should be shut down, and the head should be in prison for treason and manslaughter, but our wonderful “representatives” only represent themselves and will NEVER admit they passed such decrees on the order of Schwab’s WEF. They have indeed fulfilled our model and its forecast for the collapse of “representative” forms of governments post-2032.