We are in COMPLEXITY and the collapse of international law

We are in the midst of a convergence of so many crises that it is hard to keep track. The swamp in Washington has always been unmanageable. There is even a bill banning congressmen, their spouses or family members from trading insider information. It is called: The Prevent Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments Act (PELOSI). We’ll go to jail for 20 years for what they usually do. Biden’s cash payments from China will be the basis for impeachment proceedings. With all that the Democrats have done against Trump and continue to do, they have opened the door to what you sow, so shall you reap. Trump announced that the Democratic New York Attorney’s Office was desperately trying to indict him in hopes of preventing him from running for president and that they arrest him maybe next week. Now a theory, since taxes didn’t work paying money to “silence” porn star Stormy Daniels. When you have Biden taking money from China and Ukraine and everyone turns a blind eye, is paying money to keep a porn star silent is much more important for the country?

The political nonsense that dominates many boards of directors should be outlawed as fraud. The people on the board of the SVB had ZERO experience in the field of finance not less than economic areas. All they do is pay mountains of money to Democrats and get on message boards for their political contacts. So many boards are filled with politicians, lawyers or accountants who have no experience in financial markets or economic trends. If these people have ZERO company management experience, they should be held accountable for their decisions.

We were invited by a large public company in Australia for a currency risk hedging project. The quote we gave them was somewhere between $1 million and $2 million back in the 1980s. They turned him down and said they would not pay more than they paid the CEO. They were in the dark. I explained that we have dealing centers in Asia, the US and Europe, and their books must be transferred around the world 24 hours a day. They didn’t understand anything. They hired a 23-year-old to hedge their risks, he bought a Porsche and had an accident, and they lost $80 million in the hospital. Then the regulators realized that directors should be held responsible for making decisions about things they don’t have experience with.

We are heading towards these COMPLEXITY it’s off the charts. We have so much convergence in April that it’s hard to say which of the fundamentals will dominate. Between Trump’s arrest and the revelations of the Biden crime family, all this contributes to the collapse of the government’s credibility. Then Biden’s failure to understand the severity of this banking crisis, and that it was the Biden administration that was directly responsible for the crisis that continues into April, only added to COMPLEXITY. Biden’s attitude towards the SVB will now be seen as political, as the phones of all California Democrats who should have lost have been melted. Even Oprah Winfrey had a lot of money in SVB. NBow not being able to support all the tanks throughout will only look like helping the Democrats.

Add to all this, the ICC has shown that he is also politically corrupt and has been usurped by the neocons. ICC issues delusional indictment Putin orchestrated by the neocons, when in fact they have no such jurisdiction. The ICC has lost all credibility. The ICC has jurisdiction ONLY over member states, and this does not include the US, China, or Russia. I reported it in my sources October 14, 2022, warned that the ICC was subject to political manipulation not unlike the SWIFT monetary system. A team of lawyers in the UK has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court on behalf of the people. The report claims that government officials and pharmaceutical executiveshave colluded with COVID. They didn’t do anything.

The ICC can ONLY prosecute member states. The United States refused to join the ICC so that no American would ever be convicted of a war crime. The same applies to Russia, but the ICC is trying to politically blame Putin for starting World War III. The ICC has lost all integrity, as have New York prosecutors pursuing Trump for anything they can find. Next will be his parking tickets.

I have had lunch with people from the ICC and they have admitted that the United States has used its legal system for political purposes. In my case, they were amazing. They also said that they would like to indict the United States for regularly violating international law and participating in the torture of people – think waterboarding and waterboarding. Abu Ghraib.

In my case, I believe the banks told the CFTC to stop our forecasts because they thought removing us would allow them to manipulate the markets. But they still blew up the world economy in 2007 and the traders on the trading floor called it Revenge of Armstrong. They never learn. They can bribe all politicians, but this does not guarantee their trade. The CFTC refused to allow the forecasts and insisted that all personnel be laid off worldwide. They rejected others who offered to rent the Institute to keep it running. It was FIRST AMENDMENT violation to shut down our forecasting to help corrupt banks.

I was told over dinner at the ICC that they would love to take my case, but since the US is not a member, they cannot bring charges before US courts. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Putin’s accusation is political and that they have sold their soul to the neocons. This was announced in hopes of threatening China over their meeting with Russia to try to prevent them from joining forces. The neocons now have full control of the ICC, and this prevents further peace talks.

Then last November, the United Nations also ceded its independence to the neoconservatives, ensuring that we would have no choice but to enter World War III. This is the agenda. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling on Russia to pay war reparations for the invasion of Ukraine. This includes billions of dollars in damage and destruction, as well as compensation for loss of life. The US refuses to conduct any independent investigation into the Nord Stream explosion, which was an act of international war. Instead, they attack the messenger. The UN simply wants to wash its hands in the blood of millions, if not billions of negative people, for which it was created – world peace.

Now the world is officially under the control of neoconservatives. Never in all my years did I expect, looking at their long-term forecasts calling for war, that we would be evil aggressors. We need a model to do our job here, because we can’t even decide based on opinions which of the fundamentals will come out on top. We really desperately need members of Congress to recognize the real insider threat.