Volcanic eruption in Iceland leaves thousands left without heating and hot water

Temperatures in Iceland are currently subzero.


A volcano in southwestern Iceland erupted for the third time since December on Thursday, spewing streams of molten lava into the surrounding area. 

The renowned Blue Lagoon geothermal spa was evacuated, as the eruption disrupted the heat and hot water supplies for thousands of residents.

Residents of towns across the western Reykjanes peninsula have been instructed to conserve water and electricity as supplies dwindle. 

Current water reserves are expected to last only a few more hours, while the restoration of heating services to normal operation may take up to 24 hours, according to the Civil Defence. 

Temperature remains at a chilly -4°C, meanwhile. 

The Icelandic Meteorological Office says the eruption happened along a three-kilometre crevice northeast of Mount Sýlingarfell.

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