Visual Application Development Tools: Application Builder

AWS has launched AWS Application Composer, a low-code digital tool for visually designing and building serverless applications. The tool provides developers with a visual canvas that supports drag-and-drop functionality for building the application framework and developing its features. With Application Composer, developers can create and use functions for transformation tasks almost immediately, giving them the ability to create and work with code in the IDE of their choice. Users can also share work with colleagues and collaborate with each other on projects due to the visual nature of the application.

“In a synchronous system, you have all these components. In an event [architecture], the way they work together can sometimes be a little discouraging. So we thought about how we can simplify this. How can it be simplified, for example, for developers who have never used serverless technologies before? How do you know where to start? What services do they need? How do they work together? We really wanted to make this easy,” said AWS CTO Werner Vogels.

Image Credit: AWS