Viola Davis Reveals What She Didn’t Know About Michael Jordan’s Mom Before the Broadcast

Viola Daviswhich is filmed in Ben Affleck– director of the film “Air” about the beginning Air Jordan shoes, talked about what she learned about Michael Jordanmother, Deloris Jordan, and her role in protecting her “son’s legacy”.

EGOT achievement The role of the actor in the film came about after MJ asked Davis to play his mother in Air. Affleck told The Hollywood Reporter in a profile posted on Thursday.

Davis, in an interview with the publicationreflected on the importance of motherhood and Deloris Jordan’s ability to stand up for his son.

“Mothers are the most important figures in anyone’s life, so I was very flattered and deeply moved when I was asked to play Michael’s mother,” Davis said.

“I know Michael Jordan, but I didn’t know that Deloris brokered this deal to get a huge stake in the shoes and in turn protect her son’s legacy. I wanted to know more about this woman who had the strength and courage to fight for her son’s worth,” she continued.

Davis noted that she was drawn to the project due to Deloris Jordan having the characteristics of an “incredible woman”.

“For Deloris, this insight and forward vision, her ability to stand her ground in a conference room — which I know can be the hardest part of the job — makes her an incredible woman,” Davis said.

Michael Jordan sits next to his mother Deloris Jordan in an ABC special. "Superstars and their moms" in 1988.
Michael Jordan sitting next to his mother Deloris Jordan on the ABC special “Superstars and Their Moms” in 1988.

Photo by Steve Kagan/Disney General Entertainment Content/ABC Photo Archive via Getty Images

Davis’ thoughts on Deloris Jordan after arriving Affleck noticed that her character had one line in the film during NBA big request.

Davis’ husband, Julius Tennon, joins her as the father of basketball legend James R. Jordan Sr. in Air.

The film, which will be released on April 5, will also feature Matt Damon How Nike employee Sonny Vaccaro, Affleck as Nike co-founder Phil Knight and Chris Tucker as Vice President of Jordan Brand Howard White.