Video shows teens exploring building in Sydney ahead of huge fire

New footage has revealed the frequent use of a building that caught fire in Sydney’s CBD on Thursday afternoon, before the raging blaze erupted.

It comes after authorities issued a warning on Saturday after the outer wall at the Surry Hills building moved 70mm overnight, prompting them to set up an exclusion zone for at least another week.

The fire broke out on Randle Street just after 4:00 pm and was later given “alert level 10”, the most serious level.

Passers-by watched in shock as flames and smoke engulfed the sky, plumes visible from several suburbs.

Now, a video has surfaced showing teenagers often hanging around inside the abandoned building, exploring its many floors just a few days ago.

A clip posted on TikTok shows the teenagers wandering around the now ruined building.

A young man can be seen dangling precariously from the edge of the high beam.

Speaking anonymously with Saturday Telegraphone teenager said it was sad that the building was destroyed.

“It was a cool place to explore and watch the sunset,” he said, adding that it was mostly empty except for some “old office stuff.”

“It became popular thanks to TikTok… I’ve never seen anyone light fires, but I’m sure people do.”

The fact is that on Thursday evening, two 13-year-old boys surrendered to different police stations and are helping the police in the investigation.

No charges were brought.

Acting NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Paul Dunstan said officers were aware of “three or four” other youths who were present in the building and asked them to come forward with their parents to “put their point across”.

Teams continue to monitor the site after the heritage-listed building caught fire in Sydney’s biggest fire in over 50 years.

The unstable walls are monitored with laser measuring instruments and drones, the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said in a statement Saturday morning.

“One outer wall moved 70mm overnight, reinforcing the commitment to maintain the current exclusion zones to ensure the safety of the public,” the statement said.

“The light smoldering from deep within the rubble continues.”

Firefighters remain on site, but it is not safe for them to enter the building to extinguish small fires.

Initially, more than 100 firefighters worked to put out the fire as it destroyed the brick façade.

An exclusion zone was created to include Randle Street and surrounding areas such as two apartment buildings.

An operational headquarters was established to coordinate the safe demolition of damaged buildings.

The New South Wales Police Arson Unit continues to investigate the fire.

There are no reports of injured young people who are believed to have been involved in the fire.

Police confirmed that up to 15 people slept in the former apartment building last night, but believed they had all been found.

Superintendent Dewberry praised the firefighters’ heroic efforts to contain the blaze until 9 p.m., an incredible feat given the very high risk that the fire could not only spread to neighboring buildings, but also spread across the street.

“I don’t think people understand how threatened the building across the street was and how firefighters stopped the spread of this fire,” he said.

The building was planned to house a trendy hotel with a $40 million redevelopment plan.

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