Ultra-Strong Dental Resins : desktop health

Desktop Health, a medical-grade 3D printing solutions company under the umbrella of Desktop Metal, Inc, has debuted a new Flexcera resin, designed specifically for 3D printing gingiva. Flexcera Base Ultra+ boasts an impressive 50% increase in strength compared to its predecessor, setting a new standard for reliability and performance in dental applications.

One of the key benefits of this enhanced formulation is its ability to support the creation of thinner wall and socket designs, without compromising on durability. By better aligning with industry design expectations and delivering unmatched performance, Flexcera Base Ultra+ sets a new standard in dental 3D printing.

“We are witnessing exponential growth in the adoption of these restorative solutions,” said Lou Azzara, President of Desktop Health. “When paired with the Einstein and the Einstein Pro XL printing systems, which exhibit best-in-class speed and accuracy, Flexcera Base Ultra+ prints 26% faster3 than its predecessor to scale production without compromising quality.”

Image Credit: Desktop Health