Tracey Grimshaw seems to reject Allison Langdon’s embrace after leaving the ACA.

An awkward skirmish between television legend Tracey Grimshaw and her rumored current case The change was caught on camera.

Last night, the media veteran said an emotional goodbye to ACA after 17 years as the host of a multi-year current affairs show.

Footage has since surfaced of Channel 9 staff giving a standing ovation after she left for the last time, with staff members, including notables such as Karl Stefanovich and Peter Overton, lining up to clap and hug her at the parting.

But the clip shows a tense skirmish between Grimshaw and the current Today co-host Allison Langdon, who became the favorite to perform at the ACA.

After hugging several other employees, Grimshaw approaches Langdon, who holds out his arms for a hug.

But instead, Grimshaw walks past her, shaking his head slightly before leaning in to hug a male colleague.

The embarrassing moment was soon posted on TikTok with the caption: “Tracey Grimshaw signed an agreement with the ACA for the last time and also refused hugs from tonight show host Allison Langdon leaves, a little unsettled.”

It immediately went viral, garnering thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

“I’m actually ashamed of this lady,” wrote one person, while another added that they “need to know the drama” behind the exchange.

“In front of MINIMUM 50 people,” another commented, with one TikTok user saying it was proof that “Allison will definitely take her place!”

“Not only rejected, but also recognized the refusal as a hard pass. It’s not from me,” said another obvious snubber.

Ellie reacts to a “violent” moment

Langdon and Stefanovic comment on ‘disparaging’ drama Today this morning, describing the situation as “violent” but explaining that there was a “reason” behind the apparent brush-off.

The couple said they “managed to save some never-before-seen footage from a different angle of the shock,” and the new clip shows the harrowing moment in even clearer detail.

“At this point, my heart breaks,” Langdon joked.

“Look how red my face is. I just got cleaned up. I don’t think Tracy knows who I am.”

Stefanovich joked that Langdon “didn’t get much sleep last night”, with his co-host teasing that she was “devastated” after being “cleaned up” by her “hero”.

“It was a difficult moment,” she said.

But they did share a statement from Grimshaw herself clarifying the incident with a former BCA the host confirmed that it was a big misunderstanding.

“I’m sorry I missed you, was so shocked and obviously didn’t see your little head when Carl’s big head loomed into view. Argh, I’m so sorry, x,” the statement said.

Langdon said she accepted the apology, with co-hosts of Today joking that it was “one of the biggest snubs on Australian television”.

“Anyway, Trace accepted the apology. It was a very big night. It was a great night to be a part of. I decided that I still love her,” Langdon said.

“She will be remembered for one thing and will be played from now until the end of time.”

It comes amid frenzied speculation over who will take over the main job, with shock jock Kyle Sandilands apparently spilling the beans during Wednesday’s episode. The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Sandilands asked Grimshaw live about her departure and possible replacement.

“Every person that is rumored is a model person,” Grimshaw said.

But Grimshaw refused to say who would take her seat.

“I can’t tell you… I can’t give you a hint, but you will know very soon,” she said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you find out next week.”

However, Sandilands then showed Today co-host Karl Stefanovich asked him for advice on who should join him on the show, pointing out that the rumors that Allison Langdon would take over from Grimshaw were true.

“I’m not going to bust the Channel 9 bubble,” he continued.

Last minutes of last night BCA were dedicated to Grimshaw’s emotional farewell to a dedicated audience.

She began by insisting that she would not say goodbye properly because it would bring her to tears – “and that’s never pretty.”

She then struck a cheeky note, striking back at those who have looked down on the show over the years. Current affairs the critics, she insisted, had never actually watched the show.

She then thanked the viewers for letting her “spoil my love of good conversation”, revealing it back in her early days on BCAher superiors would not allow interviews to last more than four minutes because they thought viewers would be “bored”.

“Now look at us. Interviews can go on throughout the show – because you told us you loved it. Thanks for watching,” she said before signing off for the last time.

She also hinted at the rumors of her replacement, saying, “Soon you will all know who will be in this seat next year, so please welcome them.”

Grimshaw’s departure comes at a time of “mass exodus” in television, with some of the biggest names in the media industry leaving their jobs.

Over on Ten, competing current affairs program Project loses Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Helliar.

Back in July, Lee Sales graduated as host Report 7:30 after 12 years.

And this week on the radio, popular TV presenter Jess Eve made the shocking announcement that Triple M’s MG, Jess and Paige – formerly known as moon man in the morningI will finish this week.

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