Tourist Destination Predictions : BonusFinder Canada

BonusFinder Canada used technology to predict how Canada’s popular tourist spots might appear in 100 years if climate change remains unchecked. The brand published OpenAI-generated descriptions for popular landmarks such as Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Notre-Dame Basilica, Hopewell Rocks, and Confederation Bridge. The text took into account the many factors like global warming and overpopulation that threaten these tourist destinations and what they might look like a hundred years from now, in 2124.

With the help of artificial intelligence, BonusFinder Canada analyzed the potential changes to the popular spots—from reduced water flow at Niagara Falls and inhospitable conditions in Toronto near CN Tower to extreme weather damage for Notre-Dame Basilica, the collapse of Hopewell Rocks, and the degradation of Confederation Bridge. The venture also spotlighted what these landmarks could look like with positive intervention.

BonusFinder Canada’s venture might position itself as a tool for raising awareness.

Image Credit: BonusFinder Canada