Top ten Google-searched personal goals for Aussies, losing weight, snoring, drinking

The personal goals Australians have been googling have been revealed, with some surprisingly high numbers for problems you may not think to be common.

A study that assessed the top ten most searched personal goals in the summer showed “How to lose weight” as the number one result, making weight loss a number-one concern in Australia.

While this result won by a high margin, “how to eat healthy” and “how to drink more water” took strong positions in the second and third-ranked results, meaning Australians are overwhelmingly concerned with their personal health.

The study was conducted by CPR First Aid, which offers medical training courses to Australians in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, SA and the ACT.

The study’s results were measured by assessing how often a question or theme is searched per month during their research period.

“How to lose weight” got an average result of 365,360 searches a month. “How to eat healthy” received 192,590 searches, and “How to drink more water” had 165,050.

In fourth place, the searches changed in theme with 91,040 people were searching every month how they can stop snoring.

While these search results appear to some degree in every state, several of the results are influenced by one state ranking high above the national search average. The most notable of these are from the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The Northern Territory is significantly more concerned than the national average with how to budget, getting better sleep, and how to stop drinking.

The Northern Territory is the least populated territory in Australia with only 252,500 residents, which may influence and skew results in the area.

Meanwhile, Western Australia is more concerned than the national average with developing their career paths.

NSW was slightly more concerned with losing weight than the rest of the country, but only by 2.52 per cent. However, they were 4.46 per cent more concerned with how they can “stop overthinking”, which had over 20,000 searches each month.

The Australian Capital Territory was the most concerned of the country with drinking more water, and Tasmania was particularly interested in how to stop snoring.

The full breakdown of each personal goal and where they ranked on the list can be seen here:

A spokesperson for CPR First Aid said their research aimed to cover a wide range of personal goals, and that they were “very surprised that all the top five goals Aussies aim for are entirely health-related”.

“Being healthy seems more important to us than our career trajectories, for instance, and that speaks volumes about our priorities as a society.”

Originally published as Research discovers top-searched personal goals for Australians