TikTok’s Hidden Trick Lets You Scroll Videos Without Using Your HANDS

TikTok’s Hidden Trick Lets You Scroll Videos Without Using Your HANDS

  • A simple hack allows users to scroll through TikTok using only their voice.
  • It was showcased by TikToker “Roxanna.roxi”, which has 1.1 million followers.
  • This feature is designed to support people’s visual, physical, and auditory needs.

tik tak users will find out how annoying it is to have to listen to a video on repeat because their phone is not within reach to move on to the next video.

But help is on the way, as TikTok star “Roxanna.Roxi” has revealed a handy hack that allows you to scroll your feed hands-free.

In the short video, the narrator says, “Super cool TikTok trick you didn’t know existed.” Did you know that you can scroll TikTok without using your hands? Just say “next”.

As part of the video demonstration, Roxanne shows users how to access a feature from the iPhone voice control options.

They can be viewed by simply tapping on the Accessibility tab in the Settings app.


  1. Go to iPhone settings
  2. Click “Accessibility”
  3. Click “Voice Control”
  4. Click Custom Commands.
  5. Click “Create a new team…”
  6. Enter your chosen phrase
  7. Click “Action”
  8. Click “Perform Custom Gesture”.
  9. Draw a line up (as if scrolling)
  10. Click save
  11. Then return to the previous page
  12. Click save again

From here, users were prompted to click on the “set up voice control” option, where they can create and set up a voice command.

Although Roxana decided to say “Next” as their command, iPhone owners can choose any phrase they like to make the feed scroll up.

After the phrase is entered in the “Create a new team” section, you should click “Perform a custom gesture.”

Here, users must swipe up on their screen, as if they were scrolling through their TikTok feed, before hitting Save.

This allows the iPhone to combine a voice command and a swipe action that can be used within the app.

However, its use is not limited to TikTok as Apple says voice commands can be easily used to “click”, “swipe” and “tap” on phones.

These features were originally designed to make iPhone easier to use for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Apple’s website says, “You can select, drag, and zoom with precision by showing numbers next to interactive elements, or by overlaying a grid on the screen.”

Voice control also offers a more efficient way to record and edit.

TikTok star

You can create and customize a voice command in the iPhone accessibility settings.

TikTok star “Roxanna.Roxi” took to the platform to show her 1.1 million followers how to view their feed by simply saying “next” out loud.


Pictured: “Perform custom gesture” options. Here, users must swipe up the screen, as if they were scrolling through their TikTok feed, before hitting save.


1. Install the voice access app

2. Check it out

3. Open the app

4. Click the Voice Activation button.

5. Try it

With Voice Control spelling mode, you can dictate names, addresses, and even your own spellings letter by letter. It’s a seamless process of making corrections, format changes, and transitioning between text dictation and commands.”

While video is only available on the iPhone, Android devices can also create voice controls for use in apps.

To do this, Google prompts users to first install the Voice Access app and check if it’s discoverable by saying “Hey Google”.

After that, the application should be opened and The “Voice Activation” button is pressed.

Then all users have to do is just say commands like “scroll down”, “open Gmail” and “tap to write” in the apps they use.

The Voice Access app will ask questions like “what?” if it is not clear which element on the screen is being referred to.

TikTok has become the central platform for sharing life hacks and contains many other videos showing iPhone tips and tricks.

Two years ago, 21-year-old Kaansaniti from the United States shared little-known hack to “hide” apps on iPhonechanging their name and symbols to make them easy to disguise.

In the clip, which has over two million views, the influencer turns Tinder into what appears to be Apple’s weather app.

The video garnered thousands of comments, many of whom said it made them suspicious of their partners.