Three Real Madrid reserve players under investigation for sexual video with teen

Police investigation began following a complaint by the girl’s mother against a Real Madrid reserve player.

Three players from Real Madrid’s reserve have been arrested for allegedly spreading a sexually explicit video of a 16-year-old girl on Whatsapp, sources close to the investigation told Spanish news agency EFE.


Another player is being investigated for his alleged involvement in the case. All of them – aged between 18 and 21 – are accused of the alleged crime of revealing secrets.

The football players were released hours after giving evidence at police headquarters.

The police investigation began following a complaint by the minor’s mother against a player who had consensual sex with her daughter earlier this summer, but recorded the act and later released the video without her consent.

Real Madrid has issued a statement confirming that one player from Real Madrid Castilla and three others from Real Madrid C are under investigation.

Sources consulted by Spanish newspaper El Confidencial suggest that there could be more people involved, including Real Madrid first-team players.

In Spain, someone is considered legally an adult at 18, but can consent to sex at 16. 

Police have confiscated the mobile phones of the four men in order to retrieve the content and determine the extent of the distribution of the images. This will give investigators an idea of the number of people involved in the case.

Real Madrid, for their part, released a cautious statement. The club has assured that “once it has detailed knowledge of the facts, it will take the appropriate measures”.

The club’s internal regulations are very strict when it comes to its players, so tough action might be expected against them The code of ethics states: “Never forget that where you are, Real Madrid is with you”.

Reaction to the news, which came amid controversy over Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss during the Women’s World Cup, was swift.

One of the first to speak out was acting Equality Minister Irene Montero, who pointed out that the distribution of sexual images is also violence.


“Spain has said #SeAcabó (It’s Over): we have a duty not to look the other way and to guarantee all rights to all women. All my support to the victim and her family,” said the publication, which she shared on social networks.