The troops feel the heat and some pass out as Prince William views the military parade.

Several British soldiers suffered from the heat on Saturday as they stepped out in wool tunics and bearskin hats to salute Prince William.

At least three Guardsmen fainted during a military parade known as the Colonel’s Review, in which the heir to the throne, Honorary Colonel of the Welsh Guards, inspected more than 1,400 soldiers of the Royal Division and the Royal Horse Artillery.

The temperature in London reached 30 on Saturday.

Following this, William tweeted: “Many thanks to all the soldiers who took part in the review of the colonel this morning in the heat. Difficult conditions, but you all did a really good job.”

The event was a rehearsal for the annual Trooping the Color military parade held every June to commemorate the monarch’s official birthday. King Charles III will oversee the ceremony on 17 June.

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