The regulator has reduced the fuel surcharge for April

The Civil Aviation Board (CAB) has lowered the fuel surcharge for next month, which could lead to cheaper airfares.

According to CAB chief executive Carmelo Arcilla, the surcharge was set at 6 from April 1 to April 30, as the price of jet fuel averaged between 36 and 39 pesos per litre.

The surcharge is currently at level 7 with jet fuel between 39 and 42 pesos per litre.

Under the fuel surcharge matrix, airlines can charge passengers a fuel surcharge ranging from 185 to 665 pesos for domestic flights and from 610.37 to 4,538.40 pesos for international flights at Tier 6.

For cargo, airlines are allowed to charge between 0.95 and 2.78 pesos per kilogram for domestic flights and between 3.14 and 23.33 pesos per kilogram for international flights.

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“Airlines wishing to introduce or charge a fuel surcharge must apply to the CAB no later than the effective period, and fuel surcharge rates must not exceed the above level,” Arsilla said.

A fuel surcharge is an optional fee that airlines can charge to help offset fuel costs and prevent losses caused by fuel price fluctuations.

It is not included in the base airfare and may be reduced or canceled depending on the price of jet fuel.

No comment, Steve Dailisan, AirAsia’s head of communications and public relations in the Philippines, said that “any form of ticket price reduction will not only motivate people to travel, but also stimulate economic activity in the destinations we fly to.”

“Our commitment to the democratization of air travel has never wavered, despite volatile fuel prices,” he added.