The real question over The Crown and the Ghostly Di

I think we can definitively say that the debate over whether The Crown is fact or fiction has been settled in the new series. The arrival of the ghost of Princess Diana, to trouble the dreams of the Queen and the now King Charles in this increasingly dreary series, would seem to resolve the facile dispute over its factual accuracy.

There will inevitably be those who believe that the ghost of Diana did indeed visit her in-laws, because, well, because there always are. But it is unlikely. For one thing, we know that the media-savvy Diana would have tipped off the press about the visit in advance and certainly would not have wanted to appear at an hour that was too late for print deadlines. Phantom Di would also have given several interviews and secretly collaborated on a book entitled My Heavenly Life. But maybe I’m wrong, perhaps she was also a major source for Omid Scobie’s latest book.