The people of Ukraine must overthrow Zelensky to save their country

This is a former adviser to Zelensky Alexei Arestovich, who left in protest. He publicly stated that “the West has deceived Russia. They promised not to push NATO east, and they did. They turned Ukraine into a huge anti-Russian country. If I were in the place of Russia, I would have done exactly the same.

Western neoconservatives used Ukraine to wage war against Russia for the sole reason they hated Russia, and even with the fall of the USSR, they never changed their minds. They tried to prevent Reagan from meeting Gorbachev. In 1999, I found myself seizing control of Russia when bankers led by Edmond Safra blackmailed Yeltsin into resigning and turning Russia over to the boy Boris Berezovsky. They tried to get me to invest $10 billion in their Hermitage Capital Management. When I refused, even Boris tried to call me to convince me to contribute to their cause. When I refused, Edmond stole the $1 billion I had on deposit in his bank, and the New York press, as always, supported the neocons.

Ironically, they began their manipulations with Ukraine in 2014. This conspiracy was initiated by the neocons, not the CIA. John McCain even met neo-Nazis in public there and promised the crowd that America would support them if they overthrew their government – regime change has always been their agenda. Begins NEVER even worked once – Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Cuba and Ukraine, just to name a few.