The lions are preparing for an onslaught of dragons in the next two months

The Lions are gearing up to face the Dragons in the first of three matches in the two competitions over the next two months, with the first game in the Rugby United Championship (URC) taking place on Sunday afternoon at Ellis Park.

The Lions would then host the Welsh team in their first match. European Cup match on 10 December before facing them again in Wales in the second leg on 22 January.

So it will be an interesting period for both sides, and lions will strive to establish their dominance at home on Sunday.

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“We play the Dragons three times in eight weeks, so we have analyzed them and will continue to prepare during the week,” said Lions striker Edwill van der Merwe.

“Playing them three times in two competitions in a short period of time will be a different challenge and we will try to achieve positive results in both competitions.

The Dragons are a quality team and they’re playing a lot better this season, especially compared to last season, so we’re looking forward to a game and a good season.

similar style

Both the Lions and Dragons play rugby in a similar style and both sides aim to control the ball when they can, so as the game is dry on Sunday, fans can have a rugby run fest.

“This is a team that loves to control the ball and also loves kicking, so we expect a good rugby game. That’s what we want to do too, so it’s going to be a good match on Sunday,” Van der Merwe explained.

“We will try to speed up the game, but I think the most important thing is that we need to dominate the lane with strong carries both offensive and defensive, which will help us gain momentum and speed up the game from there.

“So first, we want to win a physical battle and being a physical team is in our DNA so we have to bring that on the weekend and then we can take it from there.”