The latest data on Covid-19 shows a continued rise in cases across Australia.

More than 100,000 cases of Covid-19 were reported in Australia last week as parts of the country begin to plateau.

Cases are now being reported on a weekly basis, with the latest figures released on Dec. 2 showing 100,419 nationally confirmed cases.

The data shows that the number of cases has been rising since the beginning of October. with official simulations predicting NSW and Victoria to peak around early December.

New South Wales has the highest number of cases this week, at 37,796, up from 31,531 reported last week. The state reported an additional 32 Covid-related deaths during the reporting period.

1481 people are still being treated in hospital with Covid and 38 people with Covid are in intensive care.

Meanwhile, Victoria has reported 26,971 new cases in the past seven days, up from 22,281 last week.

The rolling seven-day average of hospital admissions in the state was 550, with 21 admitted to intensive care.

The past seven days have also seen 54 deaths, up from 68 reported a week earlier.

South Australia recorded a slight increase, with 9,684 new Covid cases up from 9,000 last week.

Chief sanitary doctor Professor Nicola Spurrier said cases are starting to stabilize, but did not specify when the peak would be reached.

“We are approaching the peak,” said Professor Spurrier.

“Until we see cases drop, I can’t officially tell you we’re at a peak, but we’re definitely on that upper plateau.

“We really hope to be on the other side of this wave well before Christmas so we can all enjoy a healthy Christmas.”

The state has reported 12 deaths in the past week.

There are 128 patients in the hospital with COVID-19, including eight in intensive care.

Meanwhile, cases in Queensland rose from 10,082 to 11,217 new cases in a week, with 15 deaths recorded in the state in the most recent reporting period.

The Northern Territory has registered another big spike, with 750 new cases reported last week, up from 329 the previous week.

There are 25 people in the Upper Territory hospital, which is 10 more than last week.

The Territory also recorded two new deaths.

The ACT reported 2,239 new cases this week, up from 1,757 last week.

There are 33 active cases in hospitals in the Territory and unfortunately one death has been reported this week.

As of November 30, 320 people are in hospitals with the virus, eight people remain in intensive care.

Western Australia has 11,762 new cases, up from 10,520 last week.

The state said there were 185 people in hospital with Covid-19 as of 4 p.m. Dec. 1, including four in intensive care.

Authorities in Western Australia have announced that 14 people have died in the week since November 19.

Originally published as The latest data on Covid-19 shows a continued rise in cases across Australia.