The head of the French Football Federation, Noel Le Grae, has resigned amid an investigation into sexual harassment.

French football federation president Noel LeGrae resigned on Tuesday after a state review found he no longer had legal authority to lead due to his behavior towards women and his management style.

Le Grae, 81, is under investigation on suspicion of sexual and moral harassment. He has already retired from his duties pending consideration by the executive committee of the federation of the results of the audit.

He tendered his resignation at a meeting of the executive committee on Tuesday, according to a federation statement.

The statement said that his vice-president, Philippe Diallo, will take over as Le Grae on an interim basis until June 2023.

Amid mounting criticism of Le Grae last year, French sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera ordered an audit last September.

The final report, based on more than 100 interviews and analysis of various documents, concluded last month that Le Grae’s behavior towards women was inappropriate and revealed other irregularities in the federation. He also noted that his policies against gender-based and sexual violence are “ineffective and ineffective”.

The federation praised Le Graet’s “remarkable sporting and economic performance” as head of the football organization since 2011. She reaffirmed her “strong commitment to combating gender-based and sexual violence” and attempted to distance herself from the scrutiny.

Le Grae had a strong relationship with FIFA President Gianni Infantino and would continue to work at the FIFA office in Paris despite resigning.

Infantino appointed Le Graet in January 2022 as his personal delegate to the FIFA satellite office in Paris, which includes liaising with member federations in Europe and Africa.

“The French Football Federation is doing a wonderful job,” Infantino said last year when announcing the appointment, “and I often have the opportunity to speak with Noel Le Grae to better understand how the example set here in France can support development projects.” football on a global basis”.

Le Grae is also a candidate to retain his seat on the FIFA governing council, with an annual income of €235,000, which is elected by the UEFA member federations.

Despite controversy surrounding the French football organization, Le Grahe did not publicly withdraw his candidacy for the April 5 vote at the UEFA Congress in Lisbon, Portugal. His scheduled opponent is Fernando Gomes, the UEFA Vice President from Portugal.