The Chargers are looking to get more out of Keenan Allen against the Cardinals.

The first pass went to Keenan Allen for 17 yards, and the first third down was converted Mike Williams with a 15 yard catch.

Charging device welcomed two of their top wide receivers last weekend against Kansas City and – if only briefly – the offense looked powerful again when they scored four of five goals in the first half.

Keenan and Mike do what they do, for a reason, right? — said center Corey Linsley. “They make $20 million or something like that. [per season] because they are incredible. They are difference makers. Then, because they create differences, the whole crime is revealed.”

Williams aggravated an ankle sprain during his lone move, quickly ending his match against chiefs. He has missed the last two days of practice, which calls into question his availability on Sunday when the Chargers play in Arizona.

Allen, who struggled with a hamstring problem that arose in the season opener, finished with five catches for 94 yards in the performance. Coach Brandon Staley said, “Certainly exceeded my expectations.”

As they prepare to meet cardinalsThe Chargers can take it as a positive that Allen appeared to be in good health and plans to become a full-fledged player.

“Sometimes it’s just a sense of confidence when these two are huddled together,” offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi said. “I think it sort of pervades the whole crowd when these guys are there. It makes everyone feel better. … It certainly matters.”

Allen’s highlight came in the last four minutes of the game, when in the third and 18th minutes he ran down the right side and found himself on the other end of Justin Herbert’s 46-yard bomb.

The situation was so desperate that Lombardi called it a “third and Californian” play, a reference he brought with him from his previous job in New Orleans. “Just forever,” Lombardi explained. “Third and Extra Long”.

Allen’s catch helped set up a six-yard touchdown pass from Herbert to Joshua Palmer as the Chargers came late with a lead that Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes snapped just a minute later in the Chiefs’ 30–27 win.

Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen celebrates on the first down.

Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) celebrates a fourth-quarter first down victory against the Kansas City Chiefs at Sophie Stadium on Sunday.

(Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times)

“The odds are stacked against you,” Herbert said, pointing down and away. “But when you have a guy like Keenan, you have to give him a chance. Just put the ball in there knowing he’ll fight for it. He made an incredible game.”

In the first 29 games of this season, Herbert has targeted Allen 296 times. This is an average of 10.2 per game. Twice, Herbert targeted him 19 times, matching Allen’s career.

So, when Allen was injured in the first week and did not return to 100% until the 11th week, it is clear that Herbert and the offense looked out of place due to stretch marks.

“Have [No.] 13, he just adds something special,” Herbert said after the game in Kansas City. “We know what kind of opponent he is and what kind of fighter he is. He got to work. It’s just nice to see him there again.”

The Chargers are likely to need more from Allen against Arizona in a game they have an advantage in, a game that carries significant weight in their playoff bid.

On Thursday, Lombardi spoke about the “trust factor” that exists between Herbert and Allen, explaining that their many joint training reps have built a shared trust.

If Williams is unavailable on Sunday, that confidence will become an even more important link.

Injury updates

Cornerback Bryce Callahan (groin) returned to training with a handicap after being out Wednesday. The Chargers added defenseman Michael Davis (knee) to their injury record. It was also limited.

Player JK Scott (quadriceps) was capped for the second day in a row. On Thursday, the Chargers hired four players as a precaution if Scott is unable to play on Sunday.