Teen gets ‘Through the Spider-Verse’ gig after his Lego trailer remake

Toronto’s Preston Mutanga animated the Lego scene in a box office hit after the producers saw his frame-by-frame remake of the trailer and were so impressed they cast him.

“Great job!!!” The Lord wrote. “Where were you in 2014, wait, you were 6.”

The trailer “wowed us all, including some of the best animators in the world,” producer Christopher Miller told the Times. Lord and Miller also wrote and directed The Lego Movie.

Mutanga, who worked remotely on the film and reportedly spent several weeks animating the scene, said his father showed him animation software, which he later became “addicted to”, and according to the Times, he learned from videos on YouTube.

“I adored the first film and was in awe of the second, so working with the people who really created this masterpiece was a dream come true,” he told the newspaper.

“The idea behind ‘Spider Verse’ is that the hero can come from anywhere,” Miller told the Times. “Here comes this heroic young man inspired by a movie inspired by people like him.”