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Sean Watson of Trend Hunter delves into the realm of new wave tech and tech in the Now Trending YouTube channel series. While one of the most common forms of new age technology is smart home technology, there are also innovative examples in the fields of NFT, Metaverse, urban planning, and creative property.

As far as Trend Hunter’s NFT trade show analysis goes, there are many examples of how NFTs have impacted the tech industry in recent years. Contemporary artists are turning their pieces into one-of-a-kind collectibles that allow them more creative control over their work, highlighting how creative ownership can benefit both creator and buyer. In terms of urban planning, Seamless Transport analyzes how public transport systems are adopting new technologies to better serve their customer base and create a comfortable living environment in large cities.

In the Health Hub review, we see how smart home technologies are starting to introduce features that help track the health of their users. These home centers now include sleep quality tracking and vaccination assistance, helping users with their overall well-being. As technology advances, consumers are beginning to understand how it can positively impact their lives by making daily activities easier and health care more accessible.