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Taiwan has been a key stronghold of the international semiconductor industry. Based on the advantages of professional division of labor and comprehensive supply chain, the total value of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is estimated at NT$4.88 trillion in 2022, which will not only increase Taiwan’s GDP, surpassing Japan and Korea, but also rank first in East Asia. region for the first time, making it the second largest semiconductor supplier in the world. Indeed, we owe this achievement entirely to Taiwanese design, manufacturing, and assembly/testing IC manufacturers who have consistently strived for high performance, large market share, and high added value. In recent years, as the development of the semiconductor industry is noted as a key activity of the Taiwanese government, it has been actively strengthening the sustainability of the semiconductor industry supply chain, striving to turn Taiwan into an advanced semiconductor manufacturing center and advanced manufacturing. Asia Center to improve Taiwan’s comprehensive semiconductor ecosystem.

The Taiwanese government actively promotes technological development and talent development in the semiconductor industry to improve advanced R&D technologies and optimize existing employment and living conditions, foreseeing the establishment of the world’s deepest and most comprehensive semiconductor industry base in Taiwan, which will enable all international talents to join Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. businesses and expand your full experience. In addition, Taiwan also plans to offer the best programs of academic and industrial cooperation and great scholarships for international students interested in this field. By applying to Semiconductor-related academies or undergraduate programs Students provided by Taiwan’s higher education system are expected to complete their formal education and earn advanced degrees, becoming a battle-ready force for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.

Campus Recruitment Event at University of Malaya in March 2023

Campus Recruitment Event at University of Malaya in March 2023

In order to attract and retain international talents to study and work in Taiwan, the government of Taiwan promulgated the “Foreign Specialist Recruitment and Hiring Law”, which the requirements for visas, work and residence for foreign specialists have been clarified, as well as insurance, tax and pension conditions have been improved. It also weakens “rules of relative dependence”offering an additional guarantee of the right to education for children living abroad, hoping that a better system can successfully attract more international talent to work in Taiwan.

In recent years, as the development of digital technologies has led to the explosive growth of the semiconductor industry, the sufficiency of manpower has become a key factor in securing an international competitive advantage. Faced with global competition to retain outstanding talent, MOEA’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) commissioned the Information Industry Institute (III) to create “International Alliance of Academic and Industrial Exchangesin which the government is responsible for establishing a promotion mechanism, accurately matching the needs of enterprises with academic resources, and contributing to a three-win scenario in cooperation between academic, industrial and government institutions. This includes ensuring student admissions to colleges, talents for the industry and guarantee for students, solving the talent shortage crisis. In order to meet the demand for talent in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, IDB is holding “Semiconductor Recruitment Group in Southeast Asiathis year (2023). Together with the well-known semiconductor enterprises and the best semiconductor academies in Taiwan, IDB will visit the top engineering academies in Southeast Asia and promote the three international talent recruitment methods – business selection programs, academic seminars and projects, and formal education – to attract outstanding overseas engineering talents to Taiwan.Such processes also include recruitment meetings and face-to-face discussions, allowing Taiwan representatives to highlight the semiconductor curriculum and the benefits of career opportunities in Taiwan, and create more opportunities to interact with ideal semiconductor talents. that such funds would make significant progress in the selection and recruitment of foreign talent.

The first international semiconductor talent recruitment event held at 6 leading universities in Singapore and Malaysia such as National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), University of Malaya (UM) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR) successfully put Taiwanese semiconductor companies and universities face to face with international talent, and promoted Taiwan’s advantages for semiconductor work and education. Students, whether undergraduate or graduate students, happily took advantage of this opportunity and signed up for on-campus interviews. Ultimately, over 300 interviews were conducted at the events, and they received positive feedback from both partner universities in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as representatives from Taiwan, which confirmed the effectiveness of the selection of international talents.

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The Second Semiconductor Recruitment Sessions will soon take place on June 13-15, 2023 and will target outstanding semiconductor professionals from top universities in the Philippines. The 10 participating semiconductor enterprises include ASE, ChipMOS, OSE, Ardentec, and WALTON, while Taiwan’s leading semiconductor colleges and universities are NTU, NYCU, NCKU, NSYSU, and NTUT. Conducting semiconductor talent recruitment events creates a solid foundation for further long-term cooperation, and such an international alliance of academic and industrial exchanges also expands the database of international talents, as well as deepens friendship between Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

More information can be found on the recruitment event website: https://www.iei.org.tw/iei_talent/public/en/iei_talent_Reg

Event Name: 2023 Semiconductor Southeast Asia Philippines Recruitment Team Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA

Event Date: June 13-15, 2023

Link for registration: https://www.iei.org.tw/iei_talent/public/en/iei_talent_Reg (Please register before 2023 June 2)

Advisory Branch: Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA

Organizational unit: Institute of Intelligent Electronics (IDB) and Intelligent Electronics Talents Application Development and Promotion Project

Executing Unit: Information Industry Institute (III) and South Taiwan Industrial Development Center (STIPC)