Traveller reveals the four main scams for solo tourists to watch out for at Egypt’s pyramids, from the ‘whistle hustle’ to the ‘free gift’ con

Drawing in millions of tourists per year, the Egyptian pyramids are a bucket list item for many travellers.  Yet, for some, a trip to the ancient site involves wading through vendors and scammers who are eager to rid visitors of their money.  To help tourists identify who’s genuine and who’s a con artist, travel vlogger


VIDEO : Watch: Just Stop Oil activists take to the streets of London

Updated: 24/11/2023 – 11:33 From Trafalgar Square towards Downing Street, Just Stop Oil activists 68-year-old Fiona, 57-year-old Jane and 67-year-old Grahame are marching to protest against Britain’s oil and gas policies and to create a “safer future for young people”. “I am ashamed of my generation for having not done enough,” says Fiona. From Trafalgar