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Silicon Valley bank autopsy from the Federal Reserve

When discussing questions such as “why there is deposit insurance” and “why does the government regularly audit the financial accounts of banks,” people like me often end up describing bank runs. However, our examples tend to be old, often taken from movies like Mary Poppins, It’s a Wonderful Love, or old Westerns. Our “modern” example


Best Ramadan Buffets in Klang Valley

Here are the best Ramadan buffet locations where you can enjoy buka puasa with friends and family. in RAMADAN this is a special month for Muslims around the world when they fast from dawn to dusk as an act of worship and reflection. In Malaysia, one of the best ways to break the fast during


Curious plant, coffee and pizza shop opened in Apple Valley

For those who love coffee, plants, and pizza, Apple Valley has a new place just for you. The restaurant is located on the corner of Galaxie and County Road 42. One side is dedicated to plants and caffeine. It’s called Curiouser Coffee and Conservatory. The drinks are unique, offering unexpected twists such as cocoa puffed