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Money Transfer Company USSC Connects to GSIS Loan Payments

The government pension fund, the Government Services Insurance System (GSIS), announced it has signed an agreement with money transfer firm Universal Storefront Services Corp. (USSC) when accepting loan payments from GSIS borrowers. This brings the total number of GSIS-accredited external payment sites to 6,800, including 6,000 branches of CIS Bayad Center Inc. (Bayad) and Michel


The transfer portal shows the latest revolving door in college football

Light snowflakes were falling at the University of Colorado’s spring football game as the curtain went up on Saturday. Instead of overshadowing the event, they only heightened the sense of theater around the intra-team showdown of a previously irrelevant Buffaloes program: an announced crowd of 47,277 in Boulder, a national television audience and a head


PETS can transfer super-strong bugs to you

Drug-Resistant Infections Kill 700,000 People Every Year… And PETS Can Give You Super Strong Germs The researchers studied pets receiving antibiotics, which could potentially share germs with their owners. The research focused on super-strong antibiotic-resistant bacteria. TO Victoria Allen, science editor of The Daily Mail Published: 8:01 pm ET, April 14, 2023 | Updated: 8:20