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FirstFT: Ransom Titans Surround SVB

Good morning. This article is a local version of our FirstFT Newsletter. Subscribe to our Asia, Europe/Africa P America edition to receive it straight to your inbox every weekday morning Good morning. The world’s largest private equity firms are exploring buying loans from Silicon Valley Bank balances. Premium subscribers can Subscribe to our Due Diligence


Surround yourself with greenery at Planter Chin

planter Chin is a relatively fresh and interesting addition to an alley filled with beautiful cafes and coffee shops tucked away behind an unassuming door next to Lisette’s Bakery Cafe in Jalan Kemuj, Bangsar. With its vibrant, plant-filled atmosphere, enthusiastic hosts, and delicious brunch options, it more than compares to some of the better-known cafes


German police surround and crack down on coal protesters’ camp

German police have continued their crackdown on anti-coal protesters who have set up camp in an abandoned city that is planned to be demolished to expand the area. coal mining. A large force of German police surrounded West German city Lucerata on Wednesday and continued to block new protesters from entering the village. Police then