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Silicon Valley bank autopsy from the Federal Reserve

When discussing questions such as “why there is deposit insurance” and “why does the government regularly audit the financial accounts of banks,” people like me often end up describing bank runs. However, our examples tend to be old, often taken from movies like Mary Poppins, It’s a Wonderful Love, or old Westerns. Our “modern” example


Video: How the Silicon Valley bank collapse could affect remote work, the last four March Madness payouts and more on CNN Nightcap

Remote work killed SVB, March Madness money and why the plastic bottle industry is booming Ellevest CEO and co-founder Sally Krawchek says:NightcapClaire Duffy, why remote work at SVB was probably not the main reason for the bank’s collapse. Additionally, UNC Chapel Hill Associate Professor Jonathan Jensen explains why shoe companies like Nike and Adidas spend


Silicon Valley bank: SVB’s demise was linked to private venture capitalists, founder networks before hitting Twitter

Politicians called a dramatic collapse Bank of Silicon Valley “the first bank fueled by Twitter.” But in the tech industry, public social media channels weren’t really causing rapidly growing concerns about SVB’s financial situation—it was happening privately. Channels such as the WhatsApp messaging platform, email threads, text messages and other closed forums were full of