Will Ben Hunt have a Queensland homecoming?

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K’gari tourists slammed as ‘ignorant’ for flouting rules about SS Maheno shipwreck at popular Queensland destination

Tourists visiting a popular Australian destination are being slammed for their ‘ignorant’ behaviour around one of the island’s Instagram-famous attractions.  K’gari, formerly known as Fraser Island, is a World Heritage-listed site along Queensland‘s south-eastern coast and is part of the Great Sandy National Park – famous for its long beaches, forests and pristine freshwater lakes.  The


Queensland, WA and SA introduce single-use plastic bans

Several states have introduced bans on single-use plastic from September onwards, banning items such as packing peanuts and coffee cups. From September 1, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia will introduce the ban to varying degrees. All three states will prohibit the sale of cotton buds with plastic stems, while both Queensland and WA will