Clive Palmer mine lockdown ‘doesn’t help’ inflationary crisis: Canavan

Environment Minister Tanya Pliebersek’s decision to reject Clive Palmer’s proposal for a coal mine in Queensland “does nothing to help” the current inflationary crisis, says National Party Senator Matt Canavan. “Tani’s whole solution will be to take Australian families out of housekeeping jobs,” Canavan told Sky News Australia. “To help deal with inflation, we need


Caleb Williams and Carson Palmer Share Similar Heisman Paths

In the middle of the season like Caleb Williams candidacy for the Heisman Trophy continued to simmer on the burner for hotter names, USC the football program remained quiet—at least in public. It was around that time Lincoln Riley and USC Director of Football Communications Kathy Ryan had their first talk about what an ideal


Keke Palmer Gives a Big Surprise on Saturday Night Live

Excited Keke Palmer announced in the middleSaturday night lifemonologue that she is expecting her first child. “There are some rumors,” the actress told No. “People in my comments were saying, ‘Keke is having a baby, Keke is pregnant’ and I want to be clear – I AM!” she exclaimed, unbuttoning her jacket and exposing her