Opinion: The shutdown looms, and Speaker Mike Johnson has nothing

House Speaker Mike Johnson, the obscure former backbencher vaulted out of the far-right field to Congress’ highest-ranking job just over two weeks ago, told Sean Hannity that the many Americans wondering about his worldview should simply “pick up a Bible” and read it. It’s funny, though — my copy doesn’t say anything about funding the


Stephen Colbert Gives Mike Johnson Biblical Smackdown

“If the Bible is his worldview on any issue, I don’t know why progressives are nervous,” said Colbert. “He’s clearly gonna ask the rich to sell all their possessions and give the money to the poor.” Colbert ― a devout Catholic who references his Christian faith often ― then gave Johnson a few other examples

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Mike Pence Out Of Presidential Race

Mike Pence has dropped out of the presidential race after receiving little support from his own party. Sunday must have been a sad day for the Neocons as no one craved war more than Mike Pence. Pence became the first candidate to visit Zelensky in Ukraine, offering unwavering support. “I have no doubt that if