Europe’s housing crisis: Portugal, Turkey, and Luxembourg struggle to find solutions

Over recent years, housing crises have become increasingly prevalent across Europe, affecting nations of varying economic health. Portugal, Turkey, and even wealthy Luxembourg are grappling with the common challenge of providing affordable and accessible housing for their citizens. Portugal’s youth homeownership plunge: ADVERTISEMENT In Portugal, the homeownership rate among young people has plummeted by 50%


Tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg faces a major housing crisis

Luxembourg’s high wages are a powerful magnet for would-be migrants but while the minimum wage exceeds 2,300 euros a month, house prices start at around 10,000 euros per square metre. ADVERTISEMENT The tiny Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is facing a major housing crisis.  Protests by residents unable to pay rent or buy a home are

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Inflation in Luxembourg, October 2022

Harmonized inflation in October remained stable at 8.8% in September. This was primarily due to rising prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages. Average annual harmonized inflation rose to 8.0% in October (September: 7.7%). Meanwhile, consumer price inflation was stable, hitting 6.9% in September in October. Finally, harmonized consumer prices rose 1.22% mom in October, accelerating