World’s largest airship is unveiled: Enormous aircraft backed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin measures 400 FEET long – almost twice the size of a Boeing 747

The world’s largest airship has been unveiled, as the enormous Pathfinder 1 begins its first round of flight tests. Measuring 400 ft (121.9 metres) in length, this gargantuan blimp is nearly twice the length of a Boeing 747-8 quadjet, the world’s longest aircraft.  The blimp uses approximately one million cubic feet of helium and 12


Hamas is a ‘cancer’ which will be ‘around for a long time’

Hamas is a “cancer” that the Israeli government needs to figure out how to “cut out”, says Curtin University’s Dean of Global Futures Joe Siracusa. Mr Siracusa’s remarks come on the third day of the four-day truce between Israel and Hamas. “Right now in terms of what happens next, the ball is in Hamas’ court,”

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After WeWork, the office is dead — long live the office

High-rolling entrepreneurs such as Adam Neumann, co-founder of WeWork, and Masayoshi Son, creator of SoftBank, do not usually take Latin lessons. Nor do most real estate moguls, or their financiers. That is a pity. For as the dust settles after the implosion of desk-renting start-up WeWork — whose putative valuation has collapsed from $47bn to