The secret sex lives of bats: Study reveals how males have penises 7 times longer than their partners’ vaginas – and use them as an ‘arm’ during romps that can last up to 12 HOURS

In humans, the erect penis has only one function – but elsewhere in the animal kingdom it serves a very inventive purpose.  Scientists say the male serotine bat uses its massive phallus as an ‘extra arm’ to move part of the female’s anatomy out of the way.  This allows them to engage in contact mating

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Touching lives deep within | The Manila Times

AYEZA ALMARIO, Physiaré Founder and Chief Executive Officer “Starting with the humble dreams of just one individual and another dreamer, we have evolved into a strong team of 120 committed employees.” RAISED by a family of entrepreneurs, Ayeza Almario’s upbringing inspired her to get into business at a young age. Witnessing the hard work of


Infecting animals with diabetes won’t save human lives

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent in any way the editorial position of Euronews. This World Diabetes Day, it’s high time all experiments on animals used to study the condition were replaced with humane, human-relevant research, Dr Julia Baines writes. ADVERTISEMENT Ask any caring person whether