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President Xi scolds Trudeau for G20 media leak

NEW – Xi Jinping Trudeau at the G20: Everything discussed yesterday “leaked to the papers, it’s inappropriate” and “the conversation was conducted wrong.” — (@disclosetv) November 16, 2022 The fear on Trudeau’s face is priceless. Everyone knows that Justin Trudeau loves to be the center of attention. He’s just a celebrity, like Zelensky. Justin


Xi Jinping lectures Justin Trudeau at G20 over alleged leak

CNN — Chinese leader Xi Jinping was filmed by Canadian broadcasters in a rare candid moment on Wednesday when he was filmed chiding his Canadian counterpart, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for what he called “leaked” discussions. On the sidelines G20 summit in Indonesia.Xi chatted with Trudeau in Mandarin Chinese with a smile. But the English