Listen: Lost BBC Banksy interview resurfaces

A lost BBC interview with street artist Banksy has been unearthed in which the mysterious artist reveals what his first name is. In the 2003 recording, BBC reporter Nigel Wrench asks him if he is called “Robert Banks”, and the artist replies: “It’s Robbie.” The full interview can be heard on BBC Radio 4’s The


Outrage against Univision grows after Trump interview

Univision has found itself at the center of a growing controversy after a recent interview with former President Trump that critics have blasted as too friendly. The interview that aired Nov. 9 was noticeably warm, and Trump received little pushback as he gave false or misleading statements on border security and immigration policies he instituted

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Interview with Myra Strober: Women and Work

Orley Ashenfelter has been doing a series of interviews with labor and industrial relations economists. The most recent is “Myra Strober on women, work, and feminist economics” (November 6, 2023, Episode 19, audio and transcript available). The description of her early education and career has some great stories, although some of them have a high