“Balenciaga Pope” is a fake image created by artificial intelligence. Here’s where it came from and how to tell the others apart

The elongated silhouette and color are associated with papal regalia. But did Pope Francis really wear a white drawstring down jacket? Have we looked at Balenciaga Pope? Pontiff Puffer? Dropper viceroy? The image, originally posted on Facebook and Reddit, quickly went viral. Some supporters immediately realized that the 86-year-old Pope would not move around in

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Bacterial contamination of eye drops ‘could happen anywhere’ – here’s how to protect yourself from it

US officials recently reported two more deaths and additional cases vision loss associated with eye drops contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria – the CDC has identified a problem in 16 states, including California, New York, Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania. Most of the cases were associated with four regional clusters. According to the Associated Press, EzriCare drops