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Gates Foundation-sponsored Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa gets a makeover, not a makeover

Yves is here. Silently acknowledging its failure, the Gates Foundation is rebranding its Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, but not changing its approach much. Timothy A. Wise, Senior Advisor, Agricultural and Trade Policy Institute and Senior Fellow, Institute for Global Development and the Environment, Tufts University, and Jomo Kwame Sundaram, former United Nations


Artfully weathered green smartphones: 12t pro

Multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham is working with Xiaomi on a new design for the limited edition 12T Pro smartphone. Only 2,000 units will be available in total, and this is in keeping with the artist’s design language, which emphasizes Arsham’s “fictional archeology” aesthetic. It is also adorned with bronze-tone crystals set within a weathered green


How green is your indoor plant collection?

Written Jackie Palumbo, CNN Subscribe to the CNN Life, But Greener newsletter. Our seven-part guide will help you minimize your personal role in the climate crisis and reduce environmental anxiety. Houseplants, from lush, temperamental fig leaves to laid-back snake plants, have become ubiquitous in the homes of many Millennials and Gen Zers, especially as caring