Heat Dissipated Disk Enclosures: Disk Enclosure

TerraMaster announced the release of the D6-320, a high-tech hard drive enclosure designed to deliver higher and higher performance by improving features including storage space, design, noise reduction and heat dissipation. This hard drive enclosure can work with up to six hard drives up to 22 terabytes each. Elsewhere, the case offers the option of


Cyclone Freddy dissipated after hundreds of people died in Malawi, Mozambique.

After killing hundreds and moving thousands as he broke through Mozambique and Malawi Cyclone Freddy has cleared land since late last week, although flooding threats remain in both countries, the regional monitoring center said late Wednesday. The cyclone has killed at least 225 people across Malawi’s southern region, including Blantyre, the country’s financial center, according