IMF chief says Israel-Hamas war ‘devastating’ Palestinian economy

The Israel-Hamas war has also hit the tourism sectors of neighbouring countries such as Egypt and Lebanon The Israel-Hamas war has devastated the economies of both the embattled Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank, the International Monetary Fund’s chief said on Sunday, adding that only “durable peace” would improve the outlook. “The Palestinian economy’s


What is an atmospheric river? Expert explains why California is experiencing record rainfall and devastating floods that has left three dead so far and reveals what is to come

Three people have died in the historic flooding that has pummeled California, trashing homes and communities across the state.  The back-to-back ‘Pineapple Express’ storms, fueled by an atmospheric river, have caused chaos across neighborhoods in Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Montecito.   The weather system has toppled electrical lines and trees in the San Francisco Bay area and