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A Good Choice for the Next Bank of Japan Governor

During nearly three decades of intermittent deflation, the mission of the governor of the Bank of Japan was simple: to do everything possible to support the economy and bring inflation closer to the target level. Now it’s suddenly complicated, leaving Kazuo Ueda An outsider, unexpectedly chosen by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to run the Bank


User Choice Billing System: Google’s User Choice Billing System does not comply with CCI: ADIF remedies.

underBilling system “User’s choice”‘ proposed by Google, app developers have to pay Google a fee of 11/26%, making it inconsistent with the CCI remedy, Digital India Alliance Foundation (ADIF) said in a detailed note on Thursday detailing the non-compliance with two CCI orders through Google. It stated that the user-selectable billing system did not comply


Jeffries beat out two Californians in his choice to head the DCCC.

WASHINGTON – New House Minority Leader Hakim Jeffreys (DN.Y.) on Tuesday named Susan DelBen (D-Wash.) to chair the Democratic House caucus in the House, bypassing two Californians who were actively seeking the post. “She is the right leader, with the right experience and the right demeanor to meet this turning point,” said Jeffreys, who will