Coles shoppers shocked to find possum in butcher shop

A shocking video has surfaced showing a possum crawling over packaged meat at a Coles supermarket in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. On Monday, Cowles shoppers found a stunning furry find in a Cowles Mitcham supermarket refrigerator, raising food safety concerns. Mitcham local resident Teresa Carratelli spotted the marsupial while shopping with her father at suburban supermarket


Fossil of ‘little butcher’ reptile found in storage shifts modern lizard’s origin by 35 million years

‘Little Butcher’ Reptile Fossil Found in Museum Cabinet Moves the Origin of Modern Lizards 35 MILLION Years Ago A fossil discovered in a pantry at London’s Natural History Museum has rewritten the origin story of modern lizards. The researchers named the new discovery Cryptovaranoides microlanius, meaning “little butcher,” after the reptile’s jaws filled with sharp