5-year-old boy fatally stabs twin brother in California

A 5-year-old California boy fatally stabbed his twin brother, authorities said. The twins were fighting Wednesday when one brother grabbed a small kitchen knife and stabbed his sibling in unincorporated Scotts Valley, according to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. The boy died at the hospital. “We are heartbroken for the family of these two


Jason Kelce Trolled As ‘Taylor’s Boyfriend’s Brother’

Jason Kelce may be a Super Bowl champion, but he was recently given a new Taylor Swift-inspired title. The Philadelphia Eagles center recently visited Chicago’s famed hot dog eatery, The Weiners Circle, which featured a sign outside the establishment that read: “Welcome Taylor’s Boyfriend’s Brother.” On Thursday, the official Instagram page for the restaurant shared

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Big Brother Unchained: UK Government to Abolish Biometrics and Surveillance Safeguards As It Embraces Facial Recognition

“The lack of attention being paid to [public safeguards] at such a crucial time is shocking, and destruction of the surveillance camera code that we’ve all been using successfully for over a decade is tantamount to vandalism.” The United Kingdom is at the leading edge of many of the digital authoritarian trends sweeping ostensibly democratic